Temporary treatment chemicals burning
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Temporary treatment chemicals burning

  Bromine: mixed solution (volume ratio of 1 + 1 + 10) + turpentine washed with concentrated aqueous ammonia + alcohol (95%), dressing.

  P: ethanol solution with copper sulfate (3%) of phosphorus residue was washed with the solution soaked gauze bandage, wound must not be exposed to the air, nor coated with oil insecticides.

  Chromic acid: first rinse with plenty of water, then rinse solution of ammonium sulfate, dressing.

  Zinc chloride, silver nitrate: wash with water, sodium bicarbonate solution and then rinsed dressing.

  Cyanide: After washing the affected area with a solution of ammonium sulfate with potassium permanganate solution rinse.

  Phenol: After rinsing with water and ethanol (72%) + sodium hydroxide (1mol / l) (4 + 1 volume ratio) mixture rinsed dressing.

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