Several important alcohol
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Several important alcohol

Methanol *

Methanol was first made of wood River, so called wood alcohol. Methanol is a colorless liquid, flammable, explosive limit of 6.0% -36.5% (by volume). Toxic methanol vapor in contact with the eyes can cause blindness, drinking can cause blindness. Methanol is widely used, and as long as the formaldehyde used to prepare a methylating agent and solvent in organic synthesis industry, may also be added to gasoline or used alone as a car or airplane fuel.

* Ethanol

Ethanol, commonly known as alcohol. Ancient China had known cereal koji fermented wine. There are currently industrially ethylene as raw material to mass production of ethanol, but the fermentation method for producing ethanol is still one of the industrial process. Ethanol is an important industrial raw material, but also the raw material for alcohol, in order to prevent the supply of cheap industrial ethanol is used for the preparation of alcoholic, often by adding a small amount of toxic, odor or color material. Ethanol use very wide, is a variety of important raw material in organic synthesis industry, is also commonly used solvents. 70% -75% bactericidal activity of most ethanol, used as a preservative, a disinfectant.

* Glycol

Commonly known as ethylene glycol, polyol is the simplest and most important industrial glycols. You can use the scientific method to make more glycol molecules condensed mixture of high polymer called polyethylene glycol. Polyethylene glycol industry is widely used, it can be used as emulsifiers, emollients and gas purification agents. Ethylene glycol is a sweet but toxic viscous liquid, which contains 40% (by volume) of ethylene glycol aqueous solution, freezing point -25 deg.] C, the freezing point of 60% (by volume) of an aqueous solution of -49 deg.] C, since the aqueous solution low freezing point, solubility in water and large, therefore, a good antifreeze is ethylene glycol.

These types of important alcohols, we provide AR, CP and other levels. Please customers according to their needs, optional.