The difference between chemical reagents and fine chemicals?
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The difference between chemical reagents and fine chemicals?

Chemicals fine chemicals belong to (refined drugs) range. Fine Chemicals strain refers to the high-precision machining, need to use high technology to produce high purity, low production volume chemical products, such as reagents, pharmaceuticals, fragrances, synthetic dyes. But this argument more general. With the development of fine chemicals, people need more specific and clearly defined.

Fine Chemicals is a chemical product with the following characteristics:

(1) variety, quick replacement. (2) low production, mostly produced in a batch mode.

(3) having a certain functionality. The so-called functional refers to chemical molecules through physical action, chemistry and biological effects arising from certain functions or effects. For example, ultraviolet absorbers, photosensitive material, a plasticizer, and other various additives belonging to the physical functional role of fine chemicals; antioxidants, fuel additives, etc., are part of the chemical energy of action or fine chemicals.

(4) mostly hybrid products, recipes and other technology to the product performance, and sold under the trade name.

(5) technology-intensive, requiring ongoing research of new product technology development and application technology.

(6) small-scale equipment investment, high added value.

Chemicals called reagents. It is a kind of purity with a variety of standards for teaching, research, analysis and testing, and as some emerging industries require pure fine chemicals and functional materials and extra-virgin raw materials.

Production of fine chemicals industry is known as fine chemical industry. Fine chemical industry is developed on the basis of the chemical reagents industry. Therefore, the famous agent company (plant) usually run other fine chemicals, and its value often exceeds the value of chemical reagents. Reagent manufacturers directory publishing agents, in fact, are often fine chemicals directory.

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