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Buy basic knowledge of chemical agents

Usually, we do with our customers in the Chemicals business communication, it will encounter a lot of problems like this, it is listed in this together, for reference. If wrong also hope the wing correction. Thank you, and wish you good health! Good luck!

I. reagent purity and content of confusion (ethanol as columns)

1, purity: Take 100ML reagent alcohol allowed in normal volatile labware, the impurities contained a total of 0.01%, and the remaining 99.99% is the alcohol purity. Its purity can sum volatiles like water and alcohol. Non-volatile impurity particles.

 2. Content: Content is the subject of alcohol. AR was 99.7% GB electronic solely for the standard rate of 99.9%. All reagents are required to unify Bureau of Technical Supervision identified as the content of the data. Industrial grade not currently documentation requirements.

 3, the current market has a higher purity of 99.99% industrial alcohol labeling, one of their country no specific standards and requirements, and second, its data for alcohol purity.

 4, reagent alcohol raw material for high-purity industrial alcohol, after purification by distillation and other deep-processing after strict water packaging machine. The industrial grade alcohol in the presence of the sales process simply the size of the dispensing package, even without any means of detection at all. So in theory, the dispensing process will be different degrees by dispensing pollution and contamination of the inner wall of the packaging drums at least once. Reagents than industrial grade alcohol content higher purity is more pure and more stable quality and longer shelf life and other characteristics.

Commentary above all reagents suitable for both projects

two. About Electronics and Electronic grade pure chemical reagents

Zhejiang and other electronic grade usually Yangtze River Delta area where the chemical industry-level language, meaning suitable for an ordinary reagent grade general electronics industry use, the effect is equivalent to or lower than the national standard AR AR, no national standards. The electronic pure reagents are based on customer requirements, based on the national standard analytical or excellent pure reagents on, to meet the high-precision electronics customers and other multinational brands and research and development of reagent grade fine chemicals belonging to the enterprise standard, which is characterized by after 0.45UM micro-membrane filtration, in line with US ASTM standards. Capacity at the end, raw materials and production processes to packaging and AR are not the same. Use of small (non-high technology products are required by this non-Level). Reagent grade were: chemically pure - AR (electronic grade) --- --- excellent pure purity reagents (chromatography reagents) --- electronic pure (MOS level)

three. How to use the unit to select the level of chemicals?

 1, do not blindly purchase of high-level agents. Not can not afford, but not necessary.

 2, not free to locate low-level agents or industrial chemicals. A to no effect, the second is unstable.

 3, agents at all levels, its parameters have high and low points, but also has its own unique individual requirements. For example chromatography pure compared with electrons, is higher than the level of pure chromatography, chromatography but behave in transmittance was higher than pure electronics. So finding the right, but not necessarily a high level.

 4, communicate more with the professional standards of sales, or sales department to make use of direct communication, particularly non-conventional reagents materials.

four. Later on easy system drugs

 1, from national security and the people's lives and health point of view, we recommend strongly with easy system for registration of drugs. Be a socially responsible bottom line virtuous citizens.

 2, record work in the normal course of the drug registration system is easy, do not think yourself into the police station is not the innocent!

 3, regular factories specialized reagents are easy to produce and simple drug responsible for routine operating procedures, if the initial purchase, under the guidance of a professional person in charge of the operation, in fact, you will find that no trouble is not complicated.

 4, the illegal use of drugs are easy to produce, upon inspection, distribution and use of the unit will be subject to the national public security departments to crack down on